Niam Wins Anokhi Award

Niam Wins Anokhi Award

The Anokhi Awards, recognize the contributions and achievements made by exceptional members of Canada’s South Asian community.  Watching video of Niam Jain receive his award, in 2017, becoming the  youngest recipient at only 14-years-old, it is abundantly clear that the gravity of this moment is not lost on him.

Niam is an exceptionally talented young painter who works in the field of abstract expressionism. He also, happens to have autism. As such, Niam has limited speech, although he finds ways of giving others an insight into his world through a variety of ways, including his art. His work breaks down barriers, not simply as a South Asian Canadian, but as an artist. Watching him on stage, he demolishes myths about the abilities and limitations of people with autism.

Niam Receives A Standing Ovation!

Niam's mother Nina, and Niam walk towards the stage as Niam's name is called as the winner of the Anokhi Award.  Niam walks up the stage. Niam inspires an entire audience, who stand up and give him a standing ovation! Niam and Nina are humbled by the response. In the audience are other influential and accomplished recipients like the beautiful Canadian television personality Monika Deol and the famous author of "The Monk That  Sold His Ferrari" Robin Sharma.


 Niam’s mother Nina, joined the young artist on stage, spoke on his behalf as he accepted his award. He listens as she extolls the commitment, focus, and energy he must put into every one of his creative masterpieces, to overcome the challenges he faces. Niam nods along, raising his chin, appreciating the crowd’s recognition, of his talents, passion, and commitment to his craft. For a moment, he is evocative of a champion boxer, Niam raises his award, and opens his mouth wide in a silent roar of triumph.


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