Ambassador Of Ability: Hire Niam

Why Hire Niam?
Though just 20 years old, Niam Jain is a celebrated artist, a model and a budding entrepreneur. Autism accompanied by limited verbal ability has not deterred him from fully engaging with life and the world around him.
Niam brings a passionate intensity to everything he does, providing a powerful symbol of inclusivity and diversity to socially aware brands.


Though just 20 years old,  challenged by autism and limited speech, Niam Jain has already garnered significant attention in the art world, demonstrated an ability to enhance brand profile and established a growing online business.
2018      Niam Jain, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2018      Niam Jain, University of Toronto Faculty Club, Toronto Ontario, Canada
2017      Niam Jain, University of Toronto Faculty Club, Toronto Ontario, Canada
2016      Niam Jain, Kontemporary Art Gallery, Calgary, Ontario Canada  
2022      September, Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
2021      Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Caanada
2020      Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Caanada
2019        Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Caanada
2019        March, Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
2018        25th Anniversary Show, Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2016        Autism Speaks Canada, Booth, Nathan Phillips Square, Canada
2016        Mackenzie Health Hospital, Booth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2015       Gallery of Inspiration, Booth, Ritz Carleton Hotel, Toronto, Canada



2016       Samsung Canada

               Andrew Cumming ( Private Collector)

               Multiple Anonymous Private Collectors (Canada, USA, UK, Austrailia)


ANOKHI AWARD: Youngest Recipient


Niam’s remarkable story and artwork drew the attention of Samsung Canada in 2015. Niam was the featured ambassador of #WHOEYEAM, an online and in-store national campaign designed to raise awareness of Samsung’s Look At Me App which was developed to help kids with autism learn communication skills. The campaign featured both Niam and his artwork.

The value of aligning a brand with a high profile figure who has overcome significant challenges to win the admiration of leading critics is powerful. Niam is an ambassador of ability, an impressive representative of a widely misunderstood community who symbolizes at once the neurodiverse community we live in, and the incredible power within everyone to overcome virtually any challenge.

As a budding entrepreneur, Niam recognizes that buying original artwork is not in everyone’s budget, so has developed an online shop where visitors can purchase items featuring some of his most popular work. Everything from mugs to T shirts, scarves to hand-painted perfume bottles are available at  Niam hopes to continue to develop as an artist while sharing a little joy with others.