Sold Beautiful Fall Leaves - 24x24 inches oil on canvas, 2020 Special covid pricing

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This painting is breathless. Niam loves to take a walk everyday. He walks trails and around the neighbourhood. He loves the different colours of the leaves changing in the trees.

please note this painting is still wet  

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Niam Jain specializes in Gestural Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism. At the age of 13 he started being recognized all over North America from collectors for his unique talents. Niam has autism and limited speech. Niam paints in layers. Each layer expresses a thought or emotion with the entire painting telling a story. As Niam paints, the colors explode in his paintings, bursting onto the canvas in bold dabs and brushstrokes, at times with complete abstract abandon. With astounding pictorial intuition, Niam composes works that inspire and intrigue. He invites the viewer into a vibrant world of unrestraint abandon, where the viewer is lost in the emotions of the painting. Although, Niam lacks fluent speech he reminds us a canvas is a medium of ultimate expression.