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A gift is for sharing

The Niam Jain shop is all about spreading joy.

Niam's greatest joy is painting. Autism prevents him from sharing verbally, but his artwork is a remarkable reflection of his world, full of beauty, power and often surprise. 

The shop is proud to present a selection of artwork and inspired products featuring some of his finest pieces certain to engage, delight and perhaps even inspire.

"At his art show at U of T, I had picked up some square canvasses that had his artwork and inspirational messages on them. These were perfect graduation gifts for my nephews! I loved them so much that I bought more at a fundraising gala where Niam Jain products were being sold."

Ritu Dhupar

"We just received the painting! Oh man! It is so awesome. The intensity of emotion it expresses blows me away. Love it!"

Kate and Ryan

The artwork on these scarves is absolutely stunning, and the message is so dear to my heart. It's even more beautiful in person, and I get endless compliments and questions where I purchased it. Thank you!

Ashley L.

"I love this painting... there is a definite depth that brings a smile to both heart and soul... thank you Niam for your inspiration to the world to take away boundaries."

Patrick Keeler

Niam Really Loves His Work

Colours explode onto the canvas, and sometimes the walls, the floor, the ceiling...