Niam Jain autistic artist does a national campaign for Samsung Canada

Niam Jain x SAMSUNG

In the summer of 2015 Nina bought her son some art supplies after some plans got cancelled as she looked for a new hobby for her son. What emerged were not simply the makings of a hobby, but the begging of what has become the early career of a very young, artist who is quickly becoming recognized and in-demand. Niam has sold out gallery shows, had his art exhibited at Pearson Airport, and universities. This gifted painter even appeared as a spokesperson in a Samsung campaign, along with his paintings, to highlight autism awareness.


Niam is Thankful To The Community For Support!

On stage, Niam, thanks to his immense efforts, with the support of his family and patrons is shattering stereotypes and myths of autism. The hurtful myth that people with autism spectrum disorder lack emotions is being destroyed for everyone to see. Nina pauses, the crowd applauds as the master painter takes his mother’s hand and tells her he loves her.

Nina speaks to how her son expresses his vision of the world, free of hate, free of judgement, through paint on canvas. She thanks her family, the awards committee and the community.

Niam’s face conveys every single drop of joy and modesty, flowing through his body as he watches the crowd give him multiple standing ovations. He channels all of this into a line he has been practicing. In a move reminiscent of the brief, modest, Academy Award acceptance speeches given by Joe Pesci, William Holden, Patty Duke, and others that consisted of fewer than half a dozen words of gratitude; Niam give thanks for his award, and tells the audience he loves them.

Niam’s love-coloured world-view is inspiring. It’s made even more special knowing that a person can get a piece of it through Niam’s art, and that enough people have that he is being recognized and awarded for it.

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