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Diversity. LoveSeries, 36”x60” Mixed Media on Canvas , 2023

Diversity. LoveSeries, 36”x60” Mixed Media on Canvas , 2023

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This painting represents acceptance and inclusion. Everyone is unique yet we are all the same. Let us all love each other and create a society of acceptance and inclusion.  If you look closely, Niam has hand written "LOVE" on the painting. He has also painted the letters of "love" in many directions.  Interestingly, there is only one "O."  Niam has his own unique play on words and art, uniquely different like him. While Diversity and Inclusion are words that are thrown around in society, policies and decisions we make in our everyday lives do not always reflect those words.  When you are autistic, you often face this hypocrisy on a daily basis. The Love Series is a reminder to us all that love truly conquers all and it is the one thing we all have in common. 

Please contact if you would like to see the painting in person or via whats app or if you have any questions.

This painting is Abstract Expressionism.

Enjoy this gorgeous and meaningful painting in your home. While you are sipping your coffee in front of it, show your children (grandchildren) or your guests, and explain the true meaning and symbolism behind this painting, nothing is more beautiful. 

Acrylic paint, marker on canvas. 

Niam works diligently every day to overcome his sensory and motor skills to create his paintings. He is a hard worker and wants to earn his own living. He enjoys it when people appreciate and buy his artwork. Thank you for visiting his page.

Autistic Artist Niam is a remarkable figure of Canadian Abstract Expressionism. He is known for his abstract painting style and his use of different tools that do not include the traditional paintbrush. With abstract abandonment, Niam expresses his emotions and thoughts while conversing with the viewer in bold abstract dabs and strokes that intrigue and inspire. With astounding pictorial intuition, Niam has painted a gorgeous, non-representational landscape of nature.

Niam Jain specializes   in Gestural Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism. At the age of 13, he started being recognized all over North America from collectors for his unique talents and style. Niam has autism and limited speech.  Niam paints in layers.  Each layer expresses a thought or emotion with the entire painting telling a story.  As Niam paints, the colors explode from his paintings, bursting from the canvas in bold dabs and brushstrokes, at times with complete abstract abandon. With astounding pictorial intuition, Niam composes works that inspire and intrigue. He invites the viewer into his vibrant world of unrestraint abandonment, where the viewer is lost in the emotions of the painting. Although Niam lacks fluent speech, he reminds us a canvas is his medium of ultimate expression.

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