Niam Wins Rights For His Community!

LInk to Human Rights Court Case : NJ vs Granite Club

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Meet Niam

Niam is a 20 year old young man with autism who is non-verbal. From the age of 12, when he was introduced to painting, Niam has wowed the world with his expressive style. Many of his paintings are now part of private collections around the world. Niam's work can also be enjoyed as dazzling prints on everything from t-shirts and scarves, to coffee mugs and greeting cards. Look around the shop, we're sure you'll find something you will love, as well as something for someone you love.

Niam Jain World Renowned Autistic Artist

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Why Hire Niam? Though just 20 years old, Niam Jain is a celebrated artist, a model and a budding entrepreneur. Autism accompanied by limited verbal ability has not deterred him from fully engaging with life and the world around him. Niam brings a passionate intensity to everything he does, providing a powerful symbol of inclusivity and diversity to socially aware brands.

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