About Canadian Autistic Artist Niam Jain





Canadian Autistic Artist Niam Jain is young, talented, award winning, abstract artist living in Toronto. He also happens to have autism, and is, for the most part, non-verbal. Niam expresses himself through his paintings. His daily experiences, his interactions, and his perspective on the world are filtered through a lens of acrylic on canvas.

If the old cliché of a picture saying a thousand words is true, well, then a Niam Jain painting, with layers of paint pulled back to reveal a small world buried within, is closer to an anthology of short stories than a simple 1000-word essay.

His technique is widely praised and deemed to be at a level that experts usually see from formally trained artists who are decades into their careers. With a style reminiscent of Pollock and Riopelle. The fact that Niam is self-taught, and so young makes his story all the more compelling. An outsider artist, Niam is still very much in the early days of his career.

Niam’s interests are not limited to the visual arts, he is also tremendous music fan who always has something playing in his studio. His tastes lean to art rock from the past six decades, including the long jams of The Grateful Dead, to the New Romantics of the 1980s, The Cure, and even include the more conceptual songs by his fellow Torontonian, Drake. Of course, he loves the Beatles. He also studies music and takes weekly lessons.

Being a man of the arts is not the limit of Niam’s interests. He also loves to play racquet sports, swimming, and cycling around with his family. 

 Niam and has work have been featured on CBC, CTV, Global News, and to promote of Samsung technology. His paintings have been displayed at U of T, private galleries, exhibitions, and of course in private collections. It is no wonder that collectors and galleries want Niam’s art on their walls, and companies like Samsung want to tie Niam’s story to their products.

 Niam’s career began in the summer of 2015. His mother Nina bought him some art supplies to give him a new hobby after some plans were cancelled. What emerged were not simply the makings of a hobby, but the begging of what has become the early career of a young artist who is quickly becoming recognized and in-demand. A lover of fitness, music, and a bon-vivant in general, Niam is proud of his South Asian heritage, and above all, a family man.